Cosmic clan - cosmic clan - Maha-Saccaka Sutta: The Longer Discourse to Saccaka

"Stride" is a magi-technology that summons heroes from "another era", surpassing time and space. This technique enhances temporal contact with "beings that existed" in the past and "beings that would exist" in the future. One notable point is that beings summoned from the future are "beings of possibilities". According to the messenger from Gear Chronicle , there are multiple diverging points on the timeline to reach beings in the future, and it is possible to summon the same individual in different forms due to differential synchronization with his or her mind. This information agrees with the opinions of our corporation's prophets, and is judged as creditable. Among the many beings successfully summoned all over the world, the beings from the future are merely possibilities, and they are not necessarily realized in the future. Staff working on future information should keep this in mind and ensure proper management of information.

The RKM Banksters will no longer be needed and will be pushed aside by the emergence of this new form of government, Cosmic Fascism. The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) may decide it is time for disclosure if they sense that a complete worldwide crash of the BT/RKM/COL private Fiat world banking system is imminent, characterized by the end of the US Petrodollar as the world’s Reserve Currency.

One tip for solving this puzzle is to line up one line of pillars successfully. There is only one possibility for matching a row, so this dramatically limits the ways that the other pillars must face. Use this tactic to create something of a process of elimination and complete the puzzle with relative ease. If you are successful, beams of light will pass straight through the pillars, activating the next stage of the puzzle.

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Professor Hany Helal, of the University of Cairo, said: "These results constitute a breakthrough for the understanding of Khufu's Pyramid and its internal structure.

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Instead it would take the Legion's third large-scale engagements -- the invasion of the planet designated 02-34 (or the "Battle of Rust" as it would be commonly known to Imperial military historians) -- to show the X th Legion's particular martial gifts for what they were, and would do so with empathic force. Planet 02-34, or "Rust" to give its colloquial name, was an arid waste world, rich in pyro-chemical deposits, oxide deserts and the corroded remnants of vast, long-dead cities. In order to exploit these resources, the Orks of the powerful and expanding "Krooked-Klaw" empire of Wardog Kulo, a Greenskins empire which spanned more than sixty inhabited star systems to the galactic northeast of Seraphina, had made Rust a slave-mining colony comprising millions of Orks and a vast, shifting population of short-lived human slaves harvested in inter-stellar raids. Scouted out by the Rogue Trader Hedrik Zuckermann and identified as a primary target of the early Great Crusade, it was into this alien domain that the combined forces of the Legions, with the Emperor at their head, slammed with devastating force in in what was, at that early stage, the most widespread mass offensive of the era.

Cosmic Clan - Cosmic ClanCosmic Clan - Cosmic ClanCosmic Clan - Cosmic ClanCosmic Clan - Cosmic Clan